Just like the old saying goes, you win some, you lose some. But how exactly can this ideology be applied in Netent online slots? It is on that note that we take a closer look at softwares behind your favourite Netent slot games to reveal how they operate and whether your chances of winning are high, low or fair. Netent has some of the best online casinos including https://www.1netentcasino.info .

What are RNGs and RTPs?

It is no secrete that Netent has a huge following across the globe and it enjoys loyalty and support. But when it comes to the real credibility of online slots, RNGs and RTPs are the main focus. RTP refers to Return to Player and RNG means Random Number Generator. Both of these elements are very crucial to understing fairness. Online review sites like baccataridgewinery have named these two as determining factors.

RTP indicates the odds of you winning on any given Netent slot. It expresses volumes in terms of percentage so you will see something like 'Expected RTP: 92%' attached to each game. Ever wondered what it means? Well, it indicates the exact amount of money the slot will pay back players engaging in it. This is more understandable if you relate to the example above.

  • RTP and RNG are important aspects in determining the fairness.
  • Players want higher RTP percentages.
  • Random Numbed Generators help generate Netent slot game outcomes.

Theoretically, the higher the level of RTP, the less chances you have of losing the slot. This is applicable over a long period of time. The RTP levels, however, should only be applied as a guide, and you ought to be aware that the machines with lower RTP rates could also have high chances of winning. This is because some slots have alternating RTP volumes.


RTP and Variance Rates in Online Gaming

The impact of Variance rates on fairness of Netent slot games is very huge. Slot machines with high variance levels pays out less regularly but at larger amounts of money. On the other hand, slot machines with low variance levels pay out regularly but in little amounts. RTP, however, remains a useful reference and no matter the kind of gambler you are, go for games with higher RTP levels.

Random Number Generators on Netent Slots

All Netent slots are driven by a computer guided algorithm known as the Random Number Generator. This algorithm ensures that fate is fairly determined when engaging in Netent online slot games, and that every player gets a fair chance of winning. If the RNG of a slot game working properly, then the game is fair. Netent ensures all of its servers are working properly.

Are Netent Slots Fair or Rigged?

This is a question that many gamblers have asked themselves. Licensing authorities will go through lots of criteria to ensure that gaming companies are offering services fairly. They dig deeper into the casino ownership and confirm whether they have the right credentials, from noncriminality, business competence and integrity levels. Online casinos must be in a position to prove they have correct policies to ensure games are free and fair.

  • Companies are required to present documents.
  • Online slot should be free and fair.
  • Netent ensures its slots are fair.

Why Licenses are Important

Should you care about the casino licenses? Absolutely yes! licenses are a very important element in ensuring they are fair and legal. These licenses are provided by government agencies and asking for them could help you get a glimpse of what to expect. Casinos that have been caught up in bet fixing and malpractices have had their licences revoked. So if a casino doesn't have a license, chances are its illegal.

Netent Slot Final Verdict

So to answer the question, are Netent slots rigged? The answer no. With all the measures put in place by Netent, from RTP to RNG, it is impossible to have their slots rigged. In fact, a research done by an independent body revealed that Netent has one of the most fair slots in the industry. They also have higher payout rates and some of their slot games are interesting.